The 1. information on the quantity of drugs 2. in New Zealand take, divided by 3. and measured 4. . Overall, it is immediately apparent that hashish or marijuana is used 5. any of the other drugs, whereas LSD and medical drugs are used 6. . At first glance we can see that boys take more drugs than girls for 6 out of 7 of the drugs listed, however an 7. number of boys and girls take cocaine.

To begin with, boys use more hashish or marijuana than girls at 8. and 29% respectively. Following this, boys take heroin, opium or morphine 9. but girls 10.

On the other hand, the 11. amphetamines and solvents 12. for both boys and girls at 2% and 3% for girls and 13. both drugs for boys. Next, the pattern for LSD and medical drugs 14. the same for both genders at 1% for girls and 3% for boys. Finally, boys and girls take cocaine 15. , 4%.

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