The graph shows the quantity of margarine, low fat spreads and butter consumed between 1981 and 2007. The quantities are measured in grams. Over the period 1981 to 2007 as a whole, there was 1. in the consumption of butter and margarine and 2. in the consumption of low-fat spreads.

Butter was the most popular fat at the beginning of the period, and consumption 3. of about 160 grams in 1986. After this, there was 4. .

The consumption of margarine began lower than that for butter at 90 grams. Following this, in 1991, it 5. that of butter for the first time, but after 1996 there was 6. in the amount consumed, which seemed set to continue.

Low–fat spreads were introduced in 1996, and they saw 7. in their consumption from that time, so that by about 2001 they were 8. than either butter or margarine.

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