The table 1. the amount of household income that five countries in Europe spend per month on four items. Overall, 2. all five countries spend the majority of their income on food and drink and housing, but 3. clothing and entertainment.

Housing is 4. expenditure item for France, Germany and the UK, with all of them spending around one 5. third of their income on this, at 30%, 33% and 37%, . In contrast, they spend around 6. food and drink. 7. , this pattern is reversed for Turkey and Spain, who spend around a fifth of their income on housing, but approximately one third on food and drink.

All five countries spend much less on 8. two items. Regarding clothes, France and Spain spend the least, at less than 10%, 9. the other three countries spend around the same amount, 10. 12% and 15%. At 19%, Germany spends the most on entertainment, whereas UK and Turkey spend approximately half this amount, with France and Spain between the two.

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