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The Grammar Wiz website will help you to learn English grammar online in easy steps.

Excellent grammar is essential these days if you need to use the English language on a regular basis such as for work or study.

This website will provide you with simple explanations and exercises on all the key points of basic grammar and advanced grammar. 

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Clear Teaching Technique

To help you learn English grammar online, we provide grammar points in boxes with key points highlighted in colour or bold so you can easily understand the grammar point being explained. 

For instance, this is showing how to recognised subjects, verbs and objects in a sentence:

He went home yesterday morning


Or how to recognise the relative clause in a sentence:

Singapore, which is situated just south of Malaysia, is one of the richest counties in Southeast Asia 

Non-defining Relative Clause

So Grammar Wiz will help you learn English grammar online to achieve excellent Grammar in your writing and speaking!

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