Complement or Compliment?

Is it complement or compliment? Let's find out!


Complement is a noun that refers to something that completes or enhances another thing, making it whole or perfect. It can also be a verb meaning to complete or go well with something.

  • The red wine is a perfect complement to the steak.
  • The hat is a nice complement to her outfit.
  • The team members have different skills that complement each other.
  • The chef complemented the main course with a delicious side dish.
  • The furniture in the room is designed to complement the color scheme.


Compliment is a noun or a verb that expresses praise, admiration, or a polite remark about someone's qualities, appearance, or actions.

  • She received a lovely compliment on her performance.
  • He paid her a compliment on her new hairstyle.
  • The boss gave him a compliment for his hard work.
  • I must compliment you on your excellent taste.
  • They exchanged compliments before the meeting.

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