Modal Verbs Multiple Choice Quiz

Level: Pre-Intermediate / Intermediate 

In this modal verbs multiple choice quiz you have to decide which auxiliary modal verb will fit correctly into the gap.

These are the types of modal verb:

  • Must
  • Should
  • Could
  • Can
  • Have to
  • May 
  • Might
  • Shall
  • Will
  • Would
  • Need to
  • Ought to

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Modal Verb Multiple Choice Quiz

Choose the correct modal verb to go in the gap.

1.I think I _________ have failed the test, but I'm not sure.

'Might' is used for possibility.

2.We have to rush. We __________ miss the last bus home.

'Must' is used for obligation.

3.If you had let me know earlier, I __________ have been able to come.

This is a 3rd conditional sentence referring to the past. We use 'would' for this, not 'will'. 'Shall' doesn't fit as it's used for future intentions.

4.You ____________ help me!

This is about obligation. You can't use 'to' with 'must' or 'should'.

5.__________ anybody attend the lecture or is it just for registered students?

This is about permission so it is 'can'.

6.You _________ have bothered coming. I've done it already.

It's about something that was not necessary.

7.If there is an age restriction then you _________ go in as you are too young.

'Should' is used for advice, and in this case the advice is not to do something. 'Shall' is used in other ways, such as for suggestions for future intentions.

8.The government _________ vote on the issue tomorrow. It's scheduled for 10am.

'Will' is used for definite plans in the future.

9. _________ we leave now or do you want to wait?

We can use 'shall' for suggestions.

10.You _________ have worked so hard last week. You look so tired now.

'Ought' is for obligation or advice. It's not quite as strong as 'must'. 'Can't' and 'must not' don't make sense here, as the person is 'tired'.

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