Past Tense of Feel

The past tense of feel is felt. Feel is an irregular verb, which means it does not follow the usual -d, -ed, or -ied endings that past tense verbs take. 

Here are some examples with the various meanings of the word to feel.

Past Tense of Feel - Examples 

To experience something physical or emotional:

  • I felt safe because the police were there
  • The suitcase felt heavy
  • She felt happy with the decision
  • The children felt tired after the long journey
  • I felt bad about criticising his new hairstyle 
  • John felt sick after eating the meal

The family felt very happy to be going on holiday together

to have a particular opinion about or attitude towards something:

  • The doctor felt that he should have done more to help
  • I felt strongly that we should have left
  • The publisher felt that the book would not be popular
  • I felt like learning Spanish would help my career

to touch something in order to discover something about it:

  • I felt around (=searched) in my pocket for my keys
  • His hand felt cold when I touched it
  • I felt his jacket and it was wet

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