Relative Pronoun Quiz

This relative pronoun quiz tests your knowledge of the words used to introduce relative clauses, which are:

  • Who
  • Which
  • That
  • Whose
  • Whom
  • What

If you are unsure how to use the words, check out the relative pronoun lesson first.

The relative adverbs where, when and why can also start relative clauses, but they are not included in this quiz.

Relative Pronoun Quiz

Place the correct relative pronoun in the gap.

Important: If that can be used as well as who, which or whom (this is the case for defining relative clauses), then put who/that, which/that or whom/that in the gap. If you don’t do this it will get marked as incorrect. e.g. John is a person who/that always arrives promptly.
  1. I wish I knew someone
    could help me with my English.
  2. That is the woman
    house is worth nearly 2 million pounds.
  3. I saw a lady
    I assumed was the manager of the shop.
  4. Will you please come and take away
    you left at my house.
  5. Cornwall,
    I think has the best beaches in the UK, is always busy in summer.
  6. Remind me again, this shirt is for
  7. She is the one
    made me feel uncomfortable.
  8. I would prefer to take the one
    is cheaper.
  9. London,
    has a population of around 9 million, is a very expensive city to live in.
  10. I’m sorry but I don’t think we can give you
    you need.
Your Result is (1/10)

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