Future Continuous Tense Quiz


In this future continuous negative tense quiz you have to place to correct form of the verb into the sentence.

This tense uses 'will + not + be + verb +ing'.

Check out this lesson on the future continuous tense if you are unsure how to use it. 

Future Continuous Tense Quiz



Using the verb in brackets, place the correct form of the future continuous negative tense into the gap.

1. He
(attend) the conference next week.
2. They
(move) into their new house next month.
3. She
(work) late tonight.
4. We
(watch) the movie tomorrow evening.
5. The students
(take) the test this Friday.
6. I
(cook) dinner when you arrive.
7. You
(visit) your grandparents this weekend.
8. The team
(practice) on Sunday.
9. By next year, he
(manage) the new department.
10. They
(go) on vacation this summer.

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