Future Perfect Quiz

Yes / No Questions

Level: Upper-intermediate / Advanced 

This Future perfect quiz will test you on yes / no questions. This is of course the type of question where you would answer with a yes or no

For instance:

  • Will you have eaten by the time I arrive?
  • Yes, I will

It's common to specify a particular point in time in these types of question e.g. by the time I arrive; before I arrive.

It's an online quiz and interactive, so you just have to write your answers in the gap then click to check your score after each quiz. 

You can also download these quizzes to PDF if you want to practice them or use them in the classroom. 

Future Perfect Tense Quiz

Yes / No Questions

Place the verbs in brackets into the future perfect tense. View the answers by clicking 'show' at the end.

Note: don't leave a gap after the last word you write in and make sure you start the sentence with a capital letter and use capitals for names, otherwise it will be marked as wrong
  1. (they / complete) their evaluation by this weekend or will we have to wait till next week?
  2. (you / read) the textbook by the beginning of the lecture?
  3. (Ben / sail) across the Atlantic Ocean by the end of this month?
  4. (Mr Jones / make) a decision about Tom’s future at the firm before the team meeting?
  5. (Richard / realise) his mistake by tonight?
  6. (you / close) your account by 5 o’clock today or will you do it tomorrow?
  7. (your friends / arrive) at the party before you?
  8. (she / cook) dinner by the time her children come back home?
  9. (Michael / spend) a couple of hours studying before the exam?
  10. (Kelly / have) her piano lesson by then?
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