Present Continuous Quiz


This present continuous quiz tests you on the affirmative, which is positive statements.

Remind yourself of the grammar for the present continuous tense if you are unsure.

Present Continuous Quiz



Put the word(s) in brackets into the gap using the present continuous tense.

1. I
(currently work) on a new project at the office.
2. She
(study) for her exams at the library this afternoon.
3. We
(attend) a conference on innovative technology trends.
4. The kids
(play) in the backyard while the sun is shining.
5. He
(learn) to play the guitar during his free time.
6. The chef
(prepare) a delicious meal in the kitchen.
7. They
(renovate) their house to create a more modern space.
8. My parents
(travel) to Europe next month for a vacation.
9. We
(participate) in a charity run to support a local cause.
10. The team
(work) hard to meet the upcoming deadline.

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