Present Simple Quiz

Level: Elementary / Pre-Intermediate (A1/A2)

This Present Simple Quiz tests you on the four different forms, which are:

  • Affirmative: I work today
  • Negative: I do not work today
  • Yes / No Questions: Do you work today?
  • Question Words: Where do you work today?

Remember that for the verb to be we do not use do/does. This is constructed differently:

  • Affirmative: I am late
  • Negative: I am not late
  • Yes / No Questions: Are you late?
  • Question Words: Why are you late?

You can also download these exercises to PDF, along with our other grammar quizzes.

Present Simple Quiz


Place the verb in brackets into the present simple tense.
Note: Start your word with a small letter, not a capital, and do not leave a gap after the word you place in the gap.
  1. My husband
    (go) to work at 9am.
  2. He always
    (try) hard in his exams.
  3. My friends
    (be) always the first ones to phone me.
  4. Marking the homework
    (take) a lot of my time.
  5. The children usually
    (play) at the local park.
  6. My cousin usually
    (fix) anything that has broken in my house.
  7. The school caretaker’s duties
    (include) cutting the grass.
  8. They
    (be) here already.
  9. He
    (have) many things to do.
  10. Simon must
    (remember) to do the homework.
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