Present Simple Quiz

This Present Simple Quiz has 15 verbs to practice. 

It has a mix of types such as those that include negatives, the verb to be, and the different types of ending, such as -x and -y.

It can also be downloaded as a Present Simple Quiz Worksheet PDF. The answer key is at the bottom and is included on the PDF.


Present Simple Quiz

  1. My husband to work at 9am (to go)

  2. He always hard in his exams (to try)

  3. My friends always the first ones to phone me (to be)

  4. Marking the homework a lot of my time  (to take)

  5. Why don’t we to the cinema? (to walk)

  6. The children usually at the local park (to play)

  7. The TV at full volume (to be)

  8. My cousin usually anything that has broken in my house (to fix)

  9. He doesn’t about it much (to think)

  10. Please don’t my seat while I’m away (to occupy)

  11. They here already (to be)

  12. The government to change the law (to want)

  13. He  many things to do (to have)

  14. The countries can’t to a decision (to come)

  15. The school caretaker’s duties cutting the grass (to include)

Present Simple Quiz Answers

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