Adverb Clause Quiz

Level: Intermediate / Upper-intermediate 

In this adverb clause quiz you have to place the correct adverb into the gap out of the three choices you are given.

These are the words that commonly make adverbial clauses:

  • before
  • after
  • as long as
  • while
  • whereas
  • until
  • in order to
  • so that
  • although 
  • though 
  • even though
  • wherever / where

  • if
  • unless
  • as if
  • since
  • because
  • as

Adverb Clauses Quiz

1. I won't help you you don't agree to work hard.

2. to improve output, we have to increase employees wages.

3. standards of living have fallen, polls still show the current government will win the next election.

4. It's important to sleep for at least 7 hours a night less than this may lead to tiredness during the day.

5. I lent her my bike she could get to work.

6. I will stay in America I have perfect English.

7. The workers will stay on strike for it takes to get a pay rise.

8. train fares are at their most expensive, passenger numbers continue to increase.

9. You will continue to put on weight you start to eat less junk food.

10. we go on holiday, we must make sure to book the hotel.

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