Affect vs Effect Quiz

Level: Intermediate / Upper-intermediate 

This affect vs effect quiz tests your knowledge of which word to use. Remember that affect is a verb, while effect is a noun. For example:

  • What he said affected me severely
  • The effect on me has been severe

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Affect vs Effect Quiz

Place either affect or effect into the gap. As affect is a verb, in some cases you may have to change the form i.e. affected; affecting.

Note: Don't use capitals and don't leave a gap after the word. If you do it will be marked wrong.
  1. The robbery had a very bad
    on the family.
  2. The strong light has
    my vision.
  3. Rising sea levels are
    small islands.
  4. What kind of
    do you think lowering the pass mark will have on the students?
  5. We've all been
    by the bad weather this year.
  6. The visual
    in the movie were amazing.
  7. The tornado had a devastating
    on the city.
  8. My performance was
    by my flu.
  9. His flu is sure to have an
    on his performance.
  10. The plan to raise income tax will
    the poorest in society.
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