Hanged or Hung Quiz

This hanged or hung quiz tests your knowledge of which word to use. If you are unsure of the differences then check our hanged or hung grammar explanation, which  discusses the past simple of this verb. 

The clothes pegs have been hung on the line

Remember the only time we use the word hanged is as a past simple verb to refer to the act of killing somebody by hanging them from a rope or if somebody hangs themselves. Otherwise the regular past simple is hung.

However, the verb to hang can be used in a variety of ways, and this quiz will test you on all the various forms, rather than just hanged or hung

These are the forms with some examples:


Present simple:

  • Hang on to this
  • I hang on his every word
  • They should hang him


Present participle:

  • They were hanging on
  • She is hanging up her coat
  • Hanging must be legalised


Regular Past Simple:

  • Ian hung up his coat
  • I hung out with Su yesterday
  • Murderers should be hung


This past tense form is only used to describe the act of killing oneself or someone else:

  • He will be hanged next week
  • She hanged herself
  • They were hanged

Hanged or Hung Quiz

Place either hang, hangs, hanging, hangings, hung or hanged into the gap. Use a capital if the word starts a sentence.
  1. I was
    out with my sister last night.
  2. Wendy still
    pictures up in her class every day.
  3. is not humane.
  4. She
    onto her hat as it was windy.
  5. They are
    onto the hope that they will pass the test.
  6. The last woman to be
    in the UK was Ruth Ellis.
  7. I was
    over on New Years Day.
  8. The staff are advised to
    up the phone if someone is rude.
  9. He
    the rope over the hook earlier.
  10. Until 1868,
    were performed in public.
Your Result is (1/10)

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