To vs Too Quiz

This to vs too quiz tests your knowledge of which word to use. Remember that to is a preposition with various uses, while too is an adverb, to show excess or meaning also.  For example:


  • I went to the park
  • I want to talk to him
  • I'm planning to see him later
  • She's a good friend to me


  • I've eaten too much (excess)
  • That is too expensive (excess)
  • Why don't you come too? (also)
  • I bought some shoes too (also)

You can learn more about to vs too before taking the to vs too quiz if you are still unsure about how to use them.

To vs Too Quiz

Place either to or too into the gap.
  1. I drank
    much last night. I have a hangover.
  2. Look
    the left and you'll see the Houses of Parliament.
  3. I really want you
    come with us.
  4. Did you get a grade B
  5. We've all been
    preoccupied by the election.
  6. It will take about five hours
    get to Paris.
  7. If you come
    , I will be so happy.
  8. Are you excited
    see me?
  9. I'm hoping
    pass my driving test first time.
  10. It's just
    hot today. I hope it cools down later.
Your Result is (1/10)

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