Demonstrative Adjectives Quiz

Level: Pre-intermediate 

This demonstrative adjectives quiz tests your knowledge on the use of this, that, these and those

If we are referring to someone or something that is close to us, we use this for singular or these for plural. If it far away from us, we use that for singular and those for plural. Demonstrative adjectives are used with nouns.

For example:

  • This pencil isn't working (the pencil is nearby and it's singular)
  • I really want to eat these chocolates. (The chocolates are close by and it's plural)
  • That television is expensive. (the TV is far away and it's singular)
  • Those people are running away. (the people are far away)

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Demonstrative Adjectives Quiz

Place either this, that, these or those into the gap. Use the context of the sentence to help you decide whether the noun being referred to is near or further away.

Note: Use capitals if needed and don't leave a gap after the word. If you do it will be marked wrong.
  1. kids in the house over the road are being really noisy.
  2. ring looks really good now I'm wearing it.
  3. I want
    book that's on the top shelf but I can't reach it.
  4. headache I've had all day is really annoying me.
  5. Can you please go and take down
    horrible picture that's hanging on the kitchen wall.
  6. Can you see all
    beautiful horses out in the fields?
  7. gloves don't seem to really fit me properly.
  8. I'm really fed up with
    phone as I just can't get the alarm to work.
  9. Everyone seems to have a Twitter account
  10. The house we looked at today was better than
    three we saw last week.
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