Types of Adjective Quiz

Level: Intermediate 

In this types of adjective quiz you are given 10 sentences and you have to decide what type of adjective is in capitals in each sentence.

Take a look at the types of adjective lesson if you need to understand adjectives more before beginning. 

Types of Adjective Quiz


Choose which type of adjective is shown in capitals.

1. There are SOME cookies left in the packet.
Demonstrative adjective.
Indefinite adjective.
Possessive Adjective.
2. This book is the MOST BORING one I've ever read.
Superlative adjective.
Comparative Adjective.
Compound Adjective.
3. She ignored EVERY person in the room.
Definite numeral adjective.
Indefinite numeral adjective.
Distributive numeral adjective.
4. He is in POOR health.
Attributive adjective.
Predicate adjective.
Participle adjective.
5. She was the FIRST person to enter the room.
Definite cardinal adjective.
Definite ordinal adjective.
Definite multiplicative adjective.
6. THOSE children are really cute.
Demonstrative adjective.
Possessive adjective.
Descriptive adjective.
7. He was EXCITED.
Superlative adjective.
Present participle adjective.
Past participle adjective.
8. He went on a ONE-WEEK holiday.
Numeral adjective.
Compound adjective.
Proper adjective.
9. WHICH film do you want to watch?
Demonstrative adjective.
Attributive adjective.
Interrogative adjective.
10. He likes MAC DONALD Burgers the most.
Proper adjective.
Adjective of degree.
Compound adjective.

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