Predicate Adjectives Quiz

Level: Pre-Intermediate / Intermediate 

This predicate adjectives quiz tests you on your ability to identify this type of adjective and the reasons why we use them in a sentence. 

They are adjectives that appear in the predicate part of a sentence, which is the part that contains the verb and provides information about the subject.

Learn more about predicate adjectives before you take the quiz if you are unsure of how to use them.

Predicate Adjective Quiz

Multiple Choice


Pick the correct answer

1. What part of a sentence do predicate adjectives describe?
The subject
The verb
The object
The preposition
2. Which of the following is a linking verb commonly used with predicate adjectives?
3. Identify the predicate adjective in the sentence: "The cake smells delicious."
4. Choose the sentence with a predicate adjective:
He ran quickly.
She felt tired.
They painted the house.
5. What is the function of a linking verb in a sentence with a predicate adjective?
It describes an action.
It connects the subject to the predicate adjective.
It provides an object for the predicate adjective.
6. Which of the following is an example of an adjective phrase used as a predicate adjective?
The cat is fast.
The car is red.
The garden is blooming with colourful flowers.
7. In the sentence "The sun seems very bright," what is the predicate adjective?
8. Which of the following is a participle used as a predicate adjective?
The book is interesting.
The teacher is teaching.
The child is playing.
9. Predicate adjectives are often used to describe the _____ of the subject.
State or condition
10. In the sentence "She became a doctor," is "a doctor" a predicate adjective or predicate nominative?
Predicate Adjective
Predicate Nominative

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