Future Simple Quiz

Affirmative: 'Will' and 'Be Going To'

Level: Pre-intermediate 

This Future Simple Quiz will test you on using both Will and Be Going To to create the future simple affirmative tense. 

Affirmative means making positive statements.

You can also download these quizzes to PDF if you want to practice them or use them in the classroom. 

Future Simple Tense Quiz

Will & Be Going To

Fill in the blanks with the future simple tense forms of the verbs in brackets to make affirmative sentences.

Important: For questions 1-5 use ‘will’, and for questions 6-10 use ‘going to’.

Note: don't leave a gap after the last word you write in. We often use contractions when using 'will' and 'be' (I'll / I'm). However, for this quiz use the full forms of the words.
  1. I am sure that she
    (meet) a lot of new people in London.
  2. If Sara studies hard, she
    (pass) the exam.
  3. If it rains, I
    (get) a taxi.
  4. I
    (call) you to let you know about my decision.
  5. You
    (be) happy to hear the news.
  6. My brother’s birthday is next week, so I
    (buy) him a present this weekend.
  7. She
    (travel) abroad next month.
  8. Passing all the exams
    (be) a big problem.
  9. John’s parents
    (watch) his daughter tomorrow.
  10. We
    (finish) our presentation tonight.
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