Nominalisation Practice

In this nominalisation practice quiz, you have to look at the sentence you have been given, and turn it into a sentence with a nominalisation.

Nominalisation Practice Exercise


The word in red is the word you need to nominalise. Type your answer in the box then click 'show / hide' to check your answer.

You may need to change other things in the sentence, such as word order and word forms, or add other words, such as prepositions. 

In this nominalisation practice you are given some tips on how to rewrite each sentence.

1. The errors in the sentence were removed, which made it look much better.


  • Start your new sentence with the verb in red (nominalise it)
  • Don't use the relative pronoun (which) in your new sentence 
  • If you want to make your sentence even shorter, try reducing 'errors in the sentence'
  • You'll need to add the preposition 'of'

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2. Wealth is distributed around the world very unfairly.


  • You'll have to move 'is' to somewhere else
  • You'll need to change the word form of 'unfairly'
  • You'll need to add in a preposition somewhere!
  • 'wealth around the world' can be shortened if you want

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3. The number of people consuming fast food increased significantly in 2005.


  • Start your sentence with 'There was a...'
  • The preposition 'in' will need to be added somewhere

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4. The government decided that taxes should increase by 15%. This caused concern amongst the population.


  • Start your sentence with 'The government's...'
  • Make the two sentences into one - think about what the new main verb will be and where it will need to go

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5. I analysed the data and it showed that uptake of the drug had increased.


  • In this one try nominalising both the verbs
  • You'll be making this sentence less personal and more objective
  • The sentence you'll end up with will be one clause instead of two
  • Two prepositions and two articles will need to be added

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