Parallel Structure Quiz

Level: Intermediate / Upper-intermediate 

This is a parallel structure quiz with multiple choice questions. Look at each sentence and decide whether it is parallel or not.

If you are unsure of what parallelism in English grammar is, then before starting the quiz review this lesson on parallelism

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Parallel Structure Quiz

Decide whether the sentence has parallel structure or not.

1.She decided to leave her job and travelling the world.

This is not parallel as it should be ‘travel’ in order to match with ‘quit’ (two infinitives)

2.He started the engine, released the hand break, and checked the mirror.

All three parts of the sentence (started the engine/released the hand break/checked the mirror) are verb phrases that follow the same structure i.e. verb (past simple) + noun

3.Some people think that being successful is the same thing as to have money.

This is not a parallel structure as it should be ‘ having money’ in order to match with ‘being successful’

4.Did you decide not to come because you are tired or are you feeling sick?

In order to have a balanced sentence the second part should say ‘because you are feeling sick’ (or shortened to '...or feeling tired'). It will then match ‘because you are tired’

5.She was disappointed by not only his clothes but also his mannerisms.

This is parallel as the same structure is used after the correlating conjunctions (his clothes + his mannerisms)

6.She wants neither the red one nor the yellow one.

This is a parallel structure as both are adjective + noun (red one/yellow one)

7.When I wake up I like either walking the dog or to go for a jog.

You need to choose either two infinitives (…like to either walk/go) or two gerunds (walking/going)

8.I would describe her as intelligent, caring, and thoughtful.

Don’t get confused by the fact they have different suffixes (i.e. -ent, -ing, - ful) - they are all adjectives

9.He suggested that we go for a meal then we should see a film.

One way to make it a parallel structure would be to say “…we should go for a meal then see a film” or simply “…that we go for a meal then see a film”

10.Spain is a place where you can eat cheap food and soak up the sun.

There are two verb phrases (eat cheap food + soak up the sun).

Check out more examples of parallel sentences if you are still unsure.

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