Present Continuous Questions Quiz

Question Words (when, where, how etc)

This present continuous questions quiz tests you on your ability to use this tense with question words such as where, when, why, how, etc.  

Remind yourself of the grammar for the present continuous tense if you are unsure.

Present Continuous Questions Quiz

Question Words


Fill in the gaps to create present continuous questions using the word in brackets.

1. Where
you currently
(build) the new hospital?
2. Why
(study) at the library instead of at home?
3. How
(learn) to play the guitar so quickly?
4. How much money
(save) for their upcoming vacation?
5. Who
(renovate) the old building on Main Street?
6. When
(attend) the marketing conference?
7. Which book
(read) for your literature class?
8. How much time
(spend) on your daily workout routine?
9. Where
(head) for their summer vacation this year?
10. Why
the team
(work) so diligently on the upcoming deadline?

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