Reported Speech Quiz

In this reported speech quiz you get to practice online turning direct speech into indirect speech.

Remember that to turn direct speech to reported speech you need to use backshifting with the tenses. So for example, the present simple turns to the past simple and the past simple turns to the past perfect. Pronouns can also change.

It can be difficult if you are new to it, so if you are unsure of how to do it, before taking the quiz check out the reported speech tense conversion rules

Reported Speech Quiz

In this reported speech quiz there are 10 direct speech statements. Turn them into reported speech. Make sure you use correct capitalisation and punctuation and that you include 'that'. For example: Mike said, "I am late". would be Mike said that he was late.
  1. John said, "I want to see a film".
  2. Tina said, "I am tired".
  3. He said, "Tom hit me very hard".
  4. I said, "I feel happy".
  5. She said, "We are learning English".
  6. Sandra said, "I liked him a lot".
  7. He said, "We all eat meat".
  8. Max said, "I will help".
  9. Gene said, "I must leave early".
  10. She said, "I had tried everything".
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