Future Perfect Continuous Tense Examples

These future perfect continuous tense examples show you how the tense is used. It is also referred to as the future perfect progressive tense.

Remember that this tense is formed as follows:

Subject + will have been + present participle

It is used to say how long something will have been happening for at a certain point in the future. Check you know exactly how to form and use the tense if you are not sure.

The future perfect continuous tense example sentences below show you the affirmative, negative, and interrogative.


  • When I and my partner get married next year, we will have been dating for exactly five years

  • In January I will have been working at my company for twenty years

  • John will have been living in France for a year by the time you arrive there

  • When I finish my Spanish course in the summer, I will have been studying it for nine months

  • If the war is still going on by 2020, the countries will have been fighting for eight years

  • When it gets to 10am he will have been sleeping for eleven hours so let's wake him up


  • No, I won't have been living here for five years in July. It will be about four years

  • Don't wake him up at 7am as I he won't have been sleeping for long enough. He needs about ten hours sleep

  • John won't have been travelling around India when I get there. He's going to just stay Delhi and wait for me to arrive

  • We won't have been waiting for long if you arrive just after eight o'clock 


  • If I come at 7pm, how long will you have been waiting for?

  • Will you have been learning Spanish long enough to be able to speak to the local people if you come over and see me next July?

  • Will he have been sleeping for long when we arrive?

  • Do you think they will have been preparing properly for the test?

  • When I arrive in Sydney, how long will you have been working there?

  • Is it right that you will have been going out with each other for five years when you get married next year?

Now test yourself in this future perfect continuous quiz


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