Present Perfect Simple Tense Example Sentences

These present perfect simple tense example sentences show you how the tense is used. 

Remember that this tense is formed as follows for the positive:

Subject + have/has + past participle

Check you know exactly how to form and use the tense if you are not sure.

The present perfect simple tense example sentences below show you the affirmative, negative, and interrogative.


  • I have been studying French for two years.

  • He has lived in London since 2010.

  • They have already eaten dinner.

  • She has just finished reading a fascinating book.

  • We have been friends since elementary school.

  • She has already traveled to five different countries this year.

  • I have just bought a new car.

  • They have won the championship before.

  • He has played the guitar for years.

  • We have seen that painting already.


  • I have not finished my homework yet.

  • She has never visited the Grand Canyon.

  • He has still not received the package.

  • We have not finished our presentation yet.

  • They have never tried sushi before.

  • She has not finished her work yet.

  • They have still not made a decision on the matter.

  • We have never seen such a beautiful sunset before.


Yes/No Questions

  • Have you finished your homework yet?

  • Have you seen the latest episode of your favorite TV show?

  • Has John ever been to Japan?

  • Have you already completed the assignment?

  • Have you ever seen a shooting star?

  • Has he just arrived home yet?

  • Have you already booked your flight tickets?

  • Has he finished his homework yet?

  • Has she seen the latest episode of her favorite TV show?

  • Has he spoken to you already?

Other Question Words

  • Which student has she agreed to tutor?

  • How long has she worked at the company?

  • Where has he taken her?

  • Who has she invited to the party?

  • Why have they chosen that restaurant for dinner?

  • Why has she left her job?

  • What time has he decided he'll come here?

  • Which movie has she watched recently?

  • Whose car have you borrowed for the road trip?

  • How many languages have you learned so far?

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