Examples of Direct and Indirect Speech

View examples of direct and indirect speech to help you understand the differences and how each is formed.

Direct and Indirect Speech Examples:

  1. Direct Speech: "I will visit my grandmother tomorrow."
    Indirect Speech: She said she would visit her grandmother the next day.

  2. Direct Speech: "Can you pass me the salt, please?"
    Indirect Speech: She asked if I could pass her the salt.

  3. Direct Speech: "I love ice cream!"
    Indirect Speech: He exclaimed that he loved ice cream.

  4. Direct Speech: "I am going to the store."
    Indirect Speech: She mentioned that she was going to the store.

  5. Direct Speech: "Please close the window."
    Indirect Speech: He requested to close the window.

  6. Direct Speech: "I won the competition!"
    Indirect Speech: She happily announced that she had won the competition.

  7. Direct Speech: "What time is the meeting?"
    Indirect Speech: He asked what time the meeting was.

  8. Direct Speech: "I can't believe it!"
    Indirect Speech: She said she couldn't believe it.

  9. Direct Speech: "I have already finished my homework."
    Indirect Speech: He stated that he had already finished his homework.

  10. Direct Speech: "Where are you going?"
    Indirect Speech: She inquired where I was going.

  11. Direct Speech: "I want to be a doctor when I grow up."
    Indirect Speech: He said he wanted to be a doctor when he grew up.

  12. Direct Speech: "I will call you later."
    Indirect Speech: She promised to call me later.

  13. Direct Speech: "I didn't see anything."
    Indirect Speech: He admitted that he hadn't seen anything.

  14. Direct Speech: "Why did you do that?"
    Indirect Speech: She asked why I had done that.

  15. Direct Speech: "I'm really tired."
    Indirect Speech: He complained that he was really tired.

  16. Direct Speech: "The movie was fantastic!"
    Indirect Speech: She exclaimed that the movie had been fantastic.

  17. Direct Speech: "I will never forget this moment."
    Indirect Speech: He vowed that he would never forget that moment.

  18. Direct Speech: "I don't understand this question."
    Indirect Speech: She said she didn't understand that question.

  19. Direct Speech: "I need your help."
    Indirect Speech: He requested my help.

  20. Direct Speech: "I am leaving now."
    Indirect Speech: She stated that she was leaving at that moment.

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