Irregular Verb Quiz

Past Simple

Level: Pre-Intermediate

These irregular verb quizzes test you on some common irregular verbs. You have to change the verb in brackets (which is the base form of the verb) into its correct past simple irregular verb form

Irregular Verb Reminder

Irregular verbs are those that don't follow the usual pattern of simply adding '-ed' or '-d' to make the past simple. 

For example, if we take the verb 'freeze', this is the past simple:

  • The water froze as it was so cold (not freezed)

Remember though some irregular verbs stay the same as the base form when they become past simple. For example, this is the verb 'bet' in the past simple:

  • I bet on the horses yesterday

So not all the words in brackets in the irregular verb quiz will necessarily need to be changed. Check out this list of irregular verbs if you are not sure. 

Irregular Verb Quiz 1

Irregular Verb Quiz 2

Irregular Verb Quiz 3

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