Past Perfect Exercises

Level: Intermediate / Upper-intermediate 

The past perfect exercises and the following pages will test you on the following important forms of this tense:

  • Affirmative
  • Negative
  • Interrogative (Yes / No Questions & Question words - How; why; when; etc)

It's an online quiz and interactive, so you just have to write your answers in the gap then click to check your score after each quiz.

You can also download these quizzes to PDF if you want to practice them or use them in the classroom.

Past Perfect Quiz


Fill in the blanks with the past perfect tense forms of the verbs in brackets to make affirmative sentences. Include ‘just’ and ‘already’ if given.
  1. By the time we arrived at the theater, the play
    (already / start).
  2. I
    (write) the entire book before he started reading it.
  3. My sister
    (graduate) before she got a job in marketing.
  4. I tried calling you, but you
    (forget) your phone here.
  5. Kelly and Joshua
    (visit) Austria before they went to Germany.
  6. Dylan
    (read) numerous papers before he submitted his paper on sustainable energy.
  7. Lisa
    (just / leave) before I got back from school.
  8. I made dinner after I
    (buy) the groceries.
  9. The movie
    (end) before the talk show started.
  10. We
    (already / know) each other for 10 years before we went into business together.
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