Past Simple Questions Quiz

In these past simple question quizzes with answers you can test your ability to create questions in the simple past tense. 

The exercises are on:

  • Yes / No Questions
  • Wh-/How Questions

This is also know as the past simple interrogative. You can find other past simple quizzes on:

There are also free downloads of the past simple questions exercises so you can print them off and also use them in class if you are a teacher. 


Past Simple Questions Quiz:

Yes / No Questions 

In this past simple exercise, change the statements into yes / no questions. For example:

(She went to Spain) Did she go to Spain?

  1. (She accepted the job) .

  2. (Sofie drew a picture) .

  3. (I got to the party on time) .

  4. (They found out who stole it) .

  5. (She chose her favourite film) .

  6. (They heard the door closing) .

  7. (I had porridge for breakfast) .

  8. (They knew she had gone) .

  9. (The staff wanted a pay rise) .

  10. (The boy lay on the grass) .

  11. (They allowed him to come late) .

  12. (She pointed at the sky) .

  13. (Peter meant to fix the door) .

  14. (We worked hard last year).

  15. (John sold his son’s car) .


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Past Simple Questions Exercises:

Wh-/How Questions 

Turn these statements into the past simple interrogative using:

 which, what, where, when, who, why, how, how much. For example:

Statement: He moved to London last year. (where)

Question: Where did he move to last year?

Tip 1: Use ‘did’ for verbs except for the verb ‘to be’

Tip 2: The words underlined will not be in the question

  1. The loaf of bread cost £1 (how much) .

  2. He travelled to France by boat (how) .

  3. They were late because of the traffic (why) .

  4. Sue arrived yesterday with her sister (who) .

  5. John didn’t like the red car (which) .

  6. She got promoted to managing director (what) .

  7. He went to the shops (where) .

  8. She paid for everything by credit card (how) .

  9. They arrived at 9pm (when) .

  10. He was tired from the long journey (why) .

  11. Mike tried to go to the concert last night (where) .

  12. They didn’t understand the question (what) .

  13. She bought the jacket for £15 (how much) .

  14. She had some drinks with her friends (who) .

  15. They sold the cheapest one first (which) .


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