Past Perfect Negative Quiz

Level: Intermediate / Upper-intermediate 

This is a past perfect negative quiz. You have to place the verb into the gap and make it negative. For example:

  • He ________________ (forgot) to take the bins out last night.
  • He had not forgotten to take the bins out last night.

It's an online quiz and interactive, so you just have to write your answers in the gap then click to check your score after each quiz. 

You can also download these quizzes to PDF if you want to practice them or use them in the classroom. 

Present Perfect Quiz


Fill in the blanks with the past perfect tense forms of the verbs in brackets to make negative sentences.

Note: Though we often contract had not to hadn't in informal situations, for this quiz use the full form i.e. had not. Don't leave a space after the last word otherwise it will be marked as incorrect.
  1. The hikers
    (reach) the summit when it started raining
  2. The concert
    (start) even though the fans arrived late.
  3. The boss was not happy as the programmer
    (complete) the report when the boss asked for it.
  4. I showed my grandmother how to use a smartphone because she
    (use) one before.
  5. My colleagues seemed unprofessional because they
    (prepare) their presentation on time.
  6. When I came back home I saw that he
    (leave) for work yet.
  7. Mary’s parents decided to visit Oslo because they
    (be) before.
  8. Only John was surprised by the movie’s ending because he
    (see) it before.
  9. Paul checked the Nobel Prize website, but the Nobel Committee
    (announce) the winners yet.
  10. She was taken aback by the news because she
    (expect) it.
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