Past Perfect Continuous Quiz

Interrogative - Yes / No Questions

Level: Upper-intermediate 

This is a past perfect continuous interrogative quiz testing you on yes / no type questions. For example:

  • ________________ (Sue / study) before we arrived?
  • Had Sue been studying before we arrived?

We use the past perfect to indicate that one event happened before another in the past. 'Arriving' is the second event, and the 'studying' happened before that.

The continuous is used to show something happened over a period of time i.e. the studying. 

It's an online quiz and interactive, so you just have to write your answers in the gap then click to check your score after each quiz. 

You can also download these quizzes to PDF if you want to practice them or use them in the classroom. 

Past Perfect Continuous Tense Quiz

Interrogative - Yes / No Questions

Fill in the blanks with the past perfect continuous tense forms of the verbs in brackets to make interrogative sentences.

Note: Don't leave a space after the last word otherwise it will be marked as incorrect. Use capitals where needed.
  1. (you / search) for cheaper flights before you bought your plane ticket?
  2. (Ron / visit) his sister often before she got married?
  3. (they / exercise) before the New York marathon?
  4. (Tina / send) emails for hours before we met at the restaurant at 3?
  5. (you / try) to schedule a meeting with the fashion company before you arrived in Paris?
  6. (the students / work) diligently on their project before they made a presentation?
  7. (Sara / drive) long before she stopped to get some rest?
  8. (you / install) new programs on your brother’s laptop when he returned from work?
  9. (John / paint) a portrait before Miss Jones called him from the gallery?
  10. (Dan / buy) a lot of stocks before he went bankrupt?
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