Irregular Verb Exercises:

Past Simple

In these irregular verb exercises for the past simple with answers you can test your knowledge of the simple past tense. 

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There are also free downloads of these past simple irregular verb exercises so you can print them off and also use them in class if you are a teacher. 


Past Simple

Irregular Verb Exercise


Place the correct form of the verb in brackets into the gap to create a past simple irregular verb.

1. The teacher
very stressed about her job. (to become)

2. She
so quickly I couldn’t understand. (to speak)
3. Yesterday my friend
me to the bank. (to drive)

4. They
ages to deliver my pizza last night.  (to take)

5. The school
us a really difficult exam. (to give)

6. The manger
not happy about staff arriving late. (to be)

7. He
the meat as soon as he got home. (to freeze)
8. The local council
up the posters yesterday. (to put)
9. They
early as usual. (to be)

10. She
all her money on the weekly shopping. (to spend)

11. The thieves
all her jewellery. (to steal)

12. I
very little about physics at school. (to understand)

13. He
his finger yesterday while chopping fruit. (to cut)

14. My wife
a lovely dress last night. (to wear)

15. I
a terrible cold while on holiday. (to catch)

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